School Meals

My School promotes the education of taste, nutrition, and food culture to cultivate the children’s palate, by serving four to five components for lunch everyday:

  • a salad starter
  • a main course
  • side dishes (starchy food or vegetables)
  • a dairy product (yogurt or cheese)
  • a desert or a fruit
  • … and of course water and bread.

Lunch at My School is provided by API Restauration. This company, with their new central kitchen in Saint Jean (~6 km away from My School), proposes monthly balanced menu with fresh, seasonal, local, and organic produces. API Restauration provides also two kinds of daily snacks (among these choices: dairy product, fruit product, or cereal product, depending on the dessert of the day to ensure a minimum one fruit per day).

Click here to download Monthly Menu 


API Restauration: Culinary Know-How

  • Carefully chosen, fresh and seasonal ingredients
  • Finely shredded raw vegetables for easier consumption
  • A tasty and authentic cuisine to offer fine and smooth textures
  • Midi Pyrénées local cuisine adapted to suit our little customers.


API Restauration: Responsibility & Commitmentapi_girl

  • Locally-grown or organic produces (meats, vegetables, fruits, dairy products)

→ Fresh meat and poultry: French origins
→ Fruits and vegetables: fresh and seasonal

  • Vegetable kitchen: home-made vegetable soup, purées, raw vegetables
  • Pastry kitchen: home-made cakes, fresh compote
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