Alumni Spotlight

Where are they now?

Many often wonder where My School’s alumni continue their educational journey. Some venture to public schools, while others opt for private institutions. A recurring theme we hear is how effortlessly they transition to larger schools with a more substantial student body. At My School, we place special emphasis, particularly in CM2, on preparing students for higher-level schooling – preparing them for increased student interactions, heavier homework loads, and fostering greater autonomy.

Another point of pride? Our alumni’s advanced English proficiency, which they wear as a badge of honor.

Let’s reconnect with a few of our distinguished alumni:


Juliette, together with her twin brother, Léonard, were with My School up to CE2 before switching to a private school. However, their association with us remains intact through their English classes. Achieving a B1 level on the “Test national de positionnement en anglais en 3ème” in 2023 is testimony to their prowess. The next academic year will see them stepping into high school. Good luck!


Elwin is one of pioneer students in My School. Having journeyed with us from maternelle to primary (2012-2020), he transitioned smoothly to a public middle school in St Jean, despite initial jitters from the school’s vastness and higher student population. Keen on improving his English skills, Elwin attends our weekly Saturday class (MSOE) and is all set to tackle the Preliminary for School exam (B1 level) this coming school year.


Lilou, who started her journey alongside Elwin, cherishes the familial ambiance at My School. Her switch to a public middle school in St Jean post-CM2 in 2020 was a breeze. A highlight she fondly shares is her elevated English proficiency compared to her middle school peers. Having wrapped up the Key for School program, she’s now gearing towards the Preliminary for School.


Maerah is bilingual, thanks to daily conversations in English with her Indonesian mom and French dad. Like Elwin and Lilou, she graduated in 2020 and subsequently chose a public middle school in Escalquens. After soaring through the B2 level in 2022 when she was in 5ème, she’s eyeing the C1 level before high school. Rooting for you, Maerah!


Denis, originally from Russia, became a part of our community in 2017. Now fluent in French in addition to his native Russian, Denis has also mastered English. After wrapping up CM2 in 2021, he moved to a public middle school in Escalquens, continuing his English studies with us through the Key for School program.