We cater for children from different backgrounds and aim to bring out what is best in each individual child

We foster a friendly, calm and reassuring working environment

We limit group size to enable us to adapt the program to each child’s individual needs

We recognize the vital role parents have to play by maintaining close ties with families and involving parents in school life

Learning environment

  • We concentrate on giving children a good general education as well providing them with the tools they need for their own personal development and their future lives as adults and responsible members of society
  • Our teaching is based on trust, respect for a job well done and for effort, taking into account the capacities of each individual child
  • We don’t believe in grades (except starting from CE2/8 years old), but we do believe in providing regular feedback to enable the children to assess their own progress
  • As early as possible, we teach the children personalized working methods which encourage autonomy, rigor, as well as how to use learning tools such as computers, the internet, textbooks, dictionaries, etc.
  • We teach the child how to organize and share what he/she has learned through written work, role play, songs, a school magazine, , etc.


Language skills

The children are immersed in a bilingual environment every day with input from native French and English speakers, enabling each child to build a sound working knowledge of each language and to learn about British and American culture in a fun way.


Encouraging autonomy – a key skill

  • We encourage the children to be as autonomous as possible in the way they think and learn, providing them with an environ
    ment that is conducive to learning in the form of graded (simple-to-complex) tools and exercises which allow the children to move forward and assess their own progress
  • We sensitize the children to their rights as individuals—as well as their duties—by encouraging them to speak freely and to take part in the decision-making process, etc.


Bolstering self-esteem and an open mind through:

  • Learning to take care of our bodies—by eating organic for example
  • Learning to listen to and understand our basic needs
  • Living in harmony with nature: in the garden, through plants and wildlife
  • Opening up to the world through personal projects
  • Learning about the history of the world’s civilizations, religions, the Earth
  • Music activity
  • The Arts (painting, theatre, cinema, museums, etc.)