The first fundamental objective of Preschool is to make children enjoy and love school and to develop their self-confidence.

In Preschool class, several activity workshops are carefully installed in the tables, the children are shown how to use the materials and they are free to choose their own activities. Different play corners (farm, play-house, garage, costumes & pretend play) are also set up in the class and they can be chosen freely as well.

The environment is organized to accommodate the heterogeneity of the children. In this class, everything is put in place so that the children evolve in an environment adapted to their size and their age. The activities are set up from simple to complex so that the children progress at their pace and rhythm according to their individual capabilities and sometimes backtrack if it is necessary.

The children spend for about half an hour rotating different activities (workshops, recreation, fine-motor skills, socialization) and those are punctuated by the toilet learning and to satisfy the basic needs. They also learn to wait for a turn, to share with and to respect others.

The children have freedom to repeat the same activities and the teachers encourage those who have not yet tried or who are not interested. The teachers are present in the class to observe, to guide, to comfort, and to help the children.

Learning English is also a priority, with an English-speaking teacher in the Preschool class. The children therefore hear English throughout the day. English speaking activities take place every day in the form of games, songs, poems, sport activities and outdoor learning.

Under the teachers’ careful supervision for each child, the basic needs are particularly respected: toilet training, language skills, eating well, moving actively, resting, and developing their autonomy for the daily routines.